Become a Blogger

Why become a blogger?

Technology and communication has changed drastically and there are opportunities for all who want to create an online business or just communicate and give information to an audience.  Share your knowledge, share your ideas and opinions and make a living doing it!  The 9-5 job concept used to be the standard for making a living, now technology has changed all of that.  You can work from home or abroad and make a real living.  In fact, I know bloggers who make over $100,000 a month from blogging.

Create the life you want!

Honestly some people need a structured work environment and thrive best with a regular job and that is totally fine.  But there are some of us who have that entrepreneurial spirit.  Blogging allows you to work the schedule you choose.  It allows you to make the money you want to make and live a lifestyle you may not have thought was possible.  There is no limits when it comes to blogging, there is an audience for everyone.

We are here to support you.

Blue Fish offers complete blogger/vlogger support.  We have a photo/video studio available by the hour, a social media corner for live streaming and social media pictures or podcasts.  We also have design workstations you can use to work from with all the software you would need to do your blogging.  So if you don’t want to invest right up front for all the tools, computers and equipment we can help you get started.  We also have a ton of experience and can help you along your road to success!