Business Websites


Handcrafted Web Sites That Work.
First impressions mean everything for your online business. Within a few seconds, visitors know if they will stay to look around, gain more information about you, shop or they will leave. Your site needs to be clean, organized and to the point, yet aesthetically pleasing to your audience. First impressions make lasting impressions. We are here for you every step of the way, from planning, creating and building.

Work Smart.
Building a website on the right platform is crucial. The last thing you want to do is waste money building a website on a platform that doesn’t work well for the type of business you have. This is where you can rely on us for our expertise. We build custom web sites in WordPress, HTML5 and we are Shopify and Big Commerce Developer Partners. You will save time and money because we will get you started on the right platform from the beginning.  A lot of clients who come to us have worked with other designers or have tried to do it on their own and have chosen the wrong platform, spent tons of money and are starting all over again.  We get it right from the beginning.

Mobile Friendly.
Gone are the days of designing web sites mainly for computer users. Now there are more mobile device users than ever! Your website needs to be mobile friendly to work with cell phones, tablets, Kindles, laptops and computers. Blue Fish Design Group makes sure every web site we create is mobile friendly, loads quickly and is Google approved!

We are more than just web designers. We are strategic thinkers that use our creativity and business knowledge to guide your business in the right direction. Your success is our priority. We rely only on referrals for our business contacts and that means happy clients refer us new business daily. We are proud of the work, customer service and dedication we give to you.